Where is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is located in Central America between the Caribbean sea (to the east) and the Pacific ocean (to the west). It has a total of 1,290 km (802 miles) of coastline (212 km / 132 miles on the Caribbean coast and 1,016 km / 631 miles on the Pacific). Costa Rica is bordered between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south/southeast.
The highest point in the country is Cerro Chirripo at 3,810 metres (12,500 ft). The highest volcano in the country is the Irazu Volcano at 3,431 metres (11,257 ft). The largest lake in Costa Rica is Lake Arenal. Costa Rica also comprises several islands.


There are two seasons in the majority of the country. It is dry from December to April and rainy from May to November. However, the Caribbean coast is an exception to this rule where it is rainy during November, December, July and August and sunnier during January to May, September and October. Whenever you decide to visit, you will probably get some rain, so come prepared with an umbrella!


Citizens of the USA, UK, Canada and most eastern and western European countries do not need visas to enter the country. Check www.rree.go.cr/visa-ingreso for more information.

Health Care

Costa Rica boasts one of the best health care services in all of Central America. Hospitals, public and private clinics can be found pretty much everywhere and the personnel are both highly educated and efficient.

Transportation And Communications

Bus transportation is efficient and cheap throughout the country. You can find out all the bus times for the entire country at www.thebusschedule.com.cr.

The public telephone service is good and affordable with coverage throughout the country and cell phones are becoming more and more popular. Internet services are available in almost all major tourist destinations.


Spanish is the official language but English, which is mandatory in schools, is widely spoken.

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